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Booking your Christmas Party in advance is always a good idea, things tend to get a tad hectic on the bookings sheet come November so prior planning is the best option. Get in touch to avoid any disappointment. All of our Christmas events are bespoke. We don’t believe in pre-packaged parties and prefer instead to throw an event the whole office will be talking about for the next few years. Our job is to help you book the ideal Christmas party without any of the unnecessary hassles that can come with the organization. Leave the stress to us.


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Christmas Party FAQs

What are some great Christmas party themes?

Depending on your budget you can have a simple theme like White Christmas where your decor and table settings are all white and have your guests dress in white. You can also have something festive such as a Christmas sweater theme or ask your guests to come as their favorite Christmas characters such as Rudolph or Santa.

What kind of considerations do I take when planning the menu?

Parties are not without their share of alcoholic drinks. But you should also consider those who might not want to drink one, or if your party will have kids. You might also want to offer some vegetarian options and be sure to ask your guests ahead of time whether they have any food allergies.

Does it cost much to host a Christmas party?

It all depends on how many people you are inviting. Is it an intimate family dinner or a block party? Your theme, if you’re going to have one, also plays a role in your budget.

Is it ok to ask them to bring something to exchange gifts?

If you’ve told them beforehand that you’re having an exchange gift during the party, then it should be ok. Everyone loves presents and it’s the holidays. It’s the season of giving.

What are the appropriate party favors to give?

Some popular Christmas party favors include scented candles, candies, cookies, or a personalized holiday ornament.

Christmas parties
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No matter the size of the business the Christmas party is a must-do. Looking after staff for all of their hard work during the year by throwing them an office Christmas party to remember will pay for itself by raising team spirit and bringing the whole firmly together. Plus let’s not forget that Christmas is a time to reflect and look to forgive any forget any office disputes accrued through the year. Also, it’s a good excuse to get wild!