Top Best Corporate Event Venues in NYC

Whether it’s a cocktail party, private corporate function, or awards ceremony, our list of clubs and bars can accommodate parties of all sizes. We guarantee you that we offer only the most exclusive and luxurious restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in NYC for your Corporate events. NYC Night Guide is your exclusive corporate party planner in New York and makes sure your event becomes a memorable one.

When it comes to planning parties around the city, our reputation precedes us, and we do our best to facilitate any request from our clients. The Night Guide team of party planners can organize anything from sophisticated soirees to week-long parties for all occasions. Our parties are so memorable and unique that guests remember them vividly for years afterward. If you want Night Guide to make yours a party to remember, get in touch today.

We understand that each of your requirements is unique. We listen to what you want and share our ideas with you to help you refine your requirements. We do not constrain our thinking to things we have done or seen before. Many of our clients are high profile or in the public eye. with our years of experience in the field, total discretion is not only expected but an absolute given for our event planners. We can guarantee privacy and discretion to our clients for every event we plan.

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No memorable party or event is complete without top-quality entertainment to match. We can help to make your event unforgettable. With our vast network of industry contacts and unbeatable creative vision, we can provide you with the right entertainment that will be fit for any occasion.

Corporate parties are the perfect opportunity to reward and motivate your team or just to celebrate all the hard work done over the year. Whatever the purpose. NYC Night Guide will craft a completely bespoke party experience, with to-the-second timing, flair, and style. Our corporate party planners are brimming with ideas and concepts to create a unique corporate event. A celebration to beat all celebrations!. We work across a wide range of industry sectors, including corporate, private, and commercial. We have worked with many global brands over the years.

Corporate Event Planning FAQ

Why should I hire a corporate event planner

Unless you hold mid-to large-scale corporate events frequently throughout the year, keeping an experienced event planner on staff is probably not going to be cost-effective. A professional corporate event planning service, like Night Guide, can handle the logistics of any size event so that you and your team can focus on enjoying yourselves and mingling with your guests.

Where should I hold my next corporate event

We have relationships with most of the major event venues in New York City, meaning you can have your next corporate event virtually anywhere you want. If you aren’t sure where you want to hold your event, our professional event planners can offer you a range of options.

What factors do you consider when selecting a venue?

We consider the size and capacity of the venue needed for the number of guests, facilities provided, parking, technical needs, and budget constraints. We visit venues to check on the quality of the facilities and liaise with clients, keeping them informed of decisions made.

How early do we need to start planning an event?

This depends on the size and nature of the event, we’d always advise you to start putting plans in place as early as possible. At certain times of the year, certain venues may need to be booked well in advance. We advise handing over the reins to an event planner as soon as you’re aware of an event to be planned. This gives us adequate time to factor in backup plans as well as leaving ample time to negotiate, plan and ensure everything’s in place for your big day.