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Penthouse at Dream

The PHD rooftop lounge in downtown New York City. Known for its classy clientele, incredibly scenic views, and delicious cocktails, PHD has been able to maintain its presence in the busy metropolitan. Whether you are a tourist visiting New York or a local who wants to have some drinks after work or you have something to celebrate, PHD has amazing cocktails, a great menu for food, and great amounts of champagne for any celebration.

The New York City PHD lounge is also a popular pre-drinking location for the elite of New York. The cocktails range from refreshing to light on the alcohol to the best, top shelves booze, which you won’t be able to get your hands on elsewhere. The entrance is through the Dream Hotel Lobby, the hotel, much like the lounge, is an upscale place where you can enjoy a nice dinner and rest in the comfortable, luxurious rooms before heading up to PH-D lounge on the rooftop and enjoying a drink or two before it gets lively with DJs and people.

About PHD Rooftop

The rooftop lounge, PH-D, is also known to be the number one rooftop lounge for celebrities in New York. Blake Lively, Chris Rock, Katie Holmes, and Michael J. Fox have all been spotted at PH-D rooftop lounge regularly in New York. Top model Naomi Campbell reportedly had the time of her life while celebrating her birthday at PH-D rooftop lounge in 2016. After her transition, Caitlyn Jenner was seen outside for the first time at PH-D rooftop lounge, showing her support for the LGBTQ community during Pride month 2015.

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PHD Rooftop FAQ

PHD Rooftop Dress Code

Usual guests here at PHD Rooftop are elite people working as models, jet setters, young entrepreneurs, and corporate executives. You are obliged to wear an upscale dress as the club strictly enforces the dress code. Gentlemen are not allowed to wear open shoes and shorts at one of the best nightclubs in New York.

PHD Rooftop Atmosphere

The venue is beautiful but at the end of the day, the guest experience is meant to offer professionals and tourists in the area an escape from the nonstop hustle of the city it watches over. PHD Terrace, for all its luxurious details and glam, is fun and focused on attracting groups of guests to socialize, mingle and blow off steam.

Venue Info
Address PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown, West 55th Street, New York, NY, USA
Phone: 347-921-0002
Price Range: $$$

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