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  • Christmas Party

    Christmas Party

    Booking your Christmas Party in advance is always a good idea, things tend to get

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    Corporate Event

    Whether it’s a cocktail party, private corporate function, or awards ceremony, our list of clubs

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    Table Reservation

    The VIP Table Reservation is the best chance you got to enhance your party experience

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One of the most exciting features of New York City is its extravagant parties. If you have come to NYC to experience a wild night out, you won’t be disappointed. The nightclubs here are everything they’re cracked up to be and more!. It’s time to party like nowhere else on earth. Each nightclub is a fantasy world, unforgettable and extravagant. We offer many choices to help you explore all the best nightclubs in complete style.

We are proud to offer guest lists for the best nightclubs. Signing up for the guest lists is simple and free. Browse the Venues section to find information on the top clubs in NYC. Every day of the week we have the connections to get you into the most popular nightclubs. Whether you are looking for a lounge feel or a mega club with the hottest DJs, we have a guest list option for you. Pick your desired nightclub and we do the rest. Plus the service is free.


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We’ve been running parties in New York City for the last decade, so we certainly know a thing or two about how to party hard. All of the rumors are true. We’ve thrown the biggest and best parties around and our service is unmatched.

So whether you are a tourist in New York or a local looking to have a night out at the clubs, one thing can rest assured, your good time does not have to include waiting outside in front of the clubs for hours if you take advantage of the guest list services that are found online at NYC Night Guide.